Draft Info/Advice

Anyone know any sites to get some NFL Fantasy Draft advice?

Here are some good sites that I use:


[i]Originally posted by mineshaft[/i]@Jun 26 2005, 07:07 PM [b] Anyone know any sites to get some NFL Fantasy Draft advice? [/b]
[url=http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/fantasy/]CNN/SI: Fantasy Articles[/url]

Several good fantasy football articles are currently posted.

USA Today: Fantasy Football News

Another great site, and one that has tolls where you can imput your league’s scoring system for this year’s projected picks and last season’s results.

A few I use…




footballguys.net - i don’t pay for their content, just use their forums.

Footballguys is an unbelievable resource (located at footballguys.com). Early Bird pricing is $19.95 for an entire season.

During the season, they have daily/weekly links to every home team newspaper reports, injury updates, rankings based on sched strength, weather reports, position battles, etc.

They also have more reports and downloadable programs (that you can customize based on your league scoring/rules) than you can imagine. They show how teams/individuals fare vs other teams at EVERY position…EVEN KICKER (kinda useless I know, but still)

The best tool they provide is the Draft Dominator. It is a computer program that let’s you run your league draft. Complete with Customizable League information, Customizable Team Names, Customizable League Rules & scoring options, Cheat Sheets (updated monthly/weekly until Week 1) for EVERY position.

And their Cheat Sheets for the draft are based on VBD (value based drafting). In other words, it gives you advice not only on projections but advice on position players while considering - league rules, league scoring, positions you have already drafted, other players at other positions available (and the estimated drop off to the next ranked player at that position vs the drop off at other positions available).

It boggles the mind the information this site has. You will NEVER use all of the information on this site.

Considering you can pay $10 - $15 on Fantasy Magazines that are out of date when the season starts (because they are all preseason magazines)…the site is a REAL bargain.

I know this all sounds EXTREMELY nerdy and pathetic. But if you are really into Fantasy Football…this is the site you need.

if anybody is interested, i run a fantasy football league on yahoo that is always competitive and lots of fun. reply if any of u are interested.

I love fantasy football. The only problem, it might destroy my marriage. I sit on the couch from 10 to 12am waiting games. Little obsessed, but fun as hell. \

Last year towards the end of the season I gave for $50 each sunday to go to the mall, that helped a little