Drayton movie

there is a new video of drayton’s workout on the strength and conditioning web site…

those videos are pretty cool. preston is whipping those guys into shape!

which is great because if anyone remembers EJ’s build last year it was almost as bad as iti’s and now he has some muscle on him

[i]Originally posted by dax[/i]@Jul 28 2005, 05:26 PM [b] which is great because if anyone remembers EJ's build last year it was almost as bad as iti's and now he has some muscle on him [/b]
I agree that Drayton needed to add a few pounds, but to compare him to Iti is a little unfair because he is the shooter that Iti mistakingly thinks he is. The man is going to be solid next year.


I saw EJ out randomly tonight; the nicest kid. What really stood out to me during our conversation was he is clearly excited for the season to start and can’t wait to hit the hardwood. It got me pumped up.

I really think we have a chance to be a special team this year; so much talent and the guys I have talked to seem destined to do some big things this year.

Who doesnt love Drayton? Charlotte kid, talented, and a hard worker.

I think last year was his ‘adjustment’ year from the juco ranks, and if he does put in the hard work (seems like he is), we should expect real good things out of him this year. His strength will be key, as well as improving his passing and defense.

Here’s the link to the Strength & Conditioning site. Each picture is a video link on the Highlights page.


EJ’s mom and another relative were at Picassos East Blvd last year for the Indiana game. Nice people. They were right at home with all the Niner fans. We need to keep the local talent coming. We’ve had some good ones.

You have to click “highlights” first to see the videos.

That volleyball girl doing a chin up makes me want to go to a volleyball game. Man, her bod is smoking.

Quite possibly the most impressive of those videos is Mitchell jumping on that 52" box from a standing/two footed position… not once, but twice! DAAAAYYYYUUUUM!

i thought the volley ball player doing the pull up was really impressive if you ask me