drunk driving wreck near campus

Did anyone see this? It was early in the morning, 2 AM…A drunk driver ran into a telephone pole and into a building near the John Kirk/University City intersection. My roommate and some friends walked up there and said they couldn’t even tell what kind of car or if it was a truck or anything because it just looked like a pile of metal. The power in Campus Edge and several other places went out for a few hours (idk if there are any places still without power). Crazy stuff…not sure why anyone would want to drink and drive…but this guy had to be gone beyond belief because he must have been FLYING.


the campus edge side of campus was out

i know for a fact martin was out bc i was standing outside when it happened and everything just went out. RA said that it was this half of campus.

any news on the girl?

Drunk driving truly pisses me off more than any other crime. Maybe you just here more about it living on a college campus, but I wonder how I stay alive on the road when every night there’s another DUI arrest or even worse, a deadly crash like this.

Sad news. I knew Vernard from playing baskeball at the SAC, he was a good guy. Hopefully the girl is able to pull through.

was lee verned whitfield III related to lee whitfield, the (much) earlier 49er pg?

[QUOTE=earlyniner;254034]was lee verned whitfield III related to lee whitfield, the (much) earlier 49er pg?[/QUOTE]

That article doesn’t mention anything about the driver being drunk.

That article doesn't mention anything about the driver being drunk.

i’m fairly sure that’s what my roommate learned from the police. take it as speculation if you want…

not to mention, if you saw the wreck, you wouldnt say anything about him not being drunk.

Damn. I almost missed this morning because of it.

I hate drinking and driving. Obviously the punishment isnt strong enough, or else this wouldnt happen as often.