Dubois Leaves School


does this mean the dog was shot as well?


and to think i was so hopeful

HURRAY!! YES!! THANK YOU!!! THERE IS A GOD!! * “…cellllllllllllllabrate good times, come on!..” *
The future looks so bright now!

clicks on link

If he votes against football he had better make the same headline and quickly too. Tar and Feathers will become his new buisness casual suit.

:lmao: Nice one Survivor. And here I thought maybe there were bad findings with the football commitee and he wanted to high tail it out of here before it was announced.

That was a dirty trick survivor.

Honestly, any shake up like that at the top would be tragic for football IMO. We don’t need anything big rocking the boat.

Well played thought Survivor, you had me for a minute.


If Dubois comes out supporting football though, there are going to be a hell of a lot of new lifetime Dubois supporters around this school.