Dubois: UNC Charlotte is a great value, despite Kiplinger’s rankings

Budget-minded students and parents are interested in the cost of securing a college degree. That explains public attention to university rankings and ratings issued by popular magazines. Most recently, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine published its “100 Best Value Colleges.” You may ask: Why wasn’t UNC Charlotte in the rankings? We sure did. As one might expect, the devil is in the details of how Kiplinger’s measures both “cost” and “quality” to determine overall “value.”

Great points from Dubois. I’d really like see someone do an ROI based on what students spend to attend a university and what the resulting incomes are. That’s REAL value and I guarantee you that we’d be in the top 5% of all universities nationwide.

These national rankings are never going to be kind to us, but Dubois’s response seems hollow to me from the reading of that article. No one who doesn’t wear the green tinted glasses is going to think anything but “BS” when they read that.