Duke game proves why Potential is real and should matter

I’ve been seeing a TON of social media posts about our win…a TON. I’ve also seen some haters asking why we are getting such attention for beating a terrible team (which is fair).

But to me…THAT is exactly why other Conferences should be fighting for our membership.

Our potential is real…and untapped…and the Duke game showed a glimpse of it. We literally did nothing more than beat arguably the worst ACC team at home in the waning seconds…but that was enough to blow up in the local and even national media.

With a school this large…in a city this large…and in a TV/media market this large…even a modest step forward can and did absolutely blow up in the media. Which is what all decisions are based on at this point (media exposure and media $$).

Imagine what could happen in a stronger conference with stronger teams. With this city and media market behind us…our potential is HUGE and can be realized with a stronger draw/fit.

Just see the media frenzy a win against lowly Duke created from a CUSA standpoint.

Multiply that maybe 1000 fold in a legit /P5 conference. That’s a ROI that every conference would kill to have and we can provide that like few others can (with proper leadership…like Mike Hill/Gabor have shown).

The aftermath of the Duke win shows that.


clt is glad we have new leadership in place to build on the win

Agree @TRLeader, I think if you told 100 Charlotteans on the street the we beat Duke, 90 of them have no idea that Duke sucks, and would think we have become giant slayers.


I think what it shows is the importance of winning. Potential doesn’t mean shit if you don’t come through. We have convince the powers that be we can win.

Lew is glad we had leadership in place to build a program that could get the win.

No way a Judy Rose-led athletic dept. wins that game.

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Judy didn’t play or coach football