Early Prediction For Niners vs Clemson Football 2019

Playing the national champs next season , I think well do better than expected


It would be great if someone would do a piece on Healy before the game and have Dabo talking him up. Good pub!

I think 14 -52 is about right. Clemson’s offense is pretty good, but I can’t see them putting up more than 14 on our defense.


clt bets we cover the spread.

Score will depend on how much they want to win by. I’m guessing their starters score six touchdowns in the first half. Lots of Tigers get to see the field and Charlotte gets a big payout, so its all good.

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even losing by a lot is probably a win for the Niners overall just being seen playing with the big dogs.

62–24 Clemson

I predict a death in Death Valley. It will be cool to see our guys play there, it’s a big payday and we can only get 1 loss no matter how bad the final score looks. Should be fun to watch.


At least we aren’t ranked high enough to get a tombstone outside of their stadium!

Normbulance will make the trip. Already have prime tailgate spot near stadium. I don’t care about the score.

Tried to book a room down there for that date, and apparently there is collusion not to book on game days until closer to the day. Sounds like no one wants tiger opponents to get accommodations before the home folks get first dibs. I’ll just keep calling until I get booked.

VRBO ftw

clt says Clemson only has one hotel