ECU game coverage in The O today

WOW!! Front sports page, huge color picture of Eddie, big headline, 2 more color pix inside!! This is great coverage, esp. on the same day the tarholes blow out the turtles.
Now, THIS is appropriate coverage for the HOME TOWN team. It’s been a looong time coming, but I’m very appreciative of The O for finally starting to get it right. Thanks. :smiley:

Yep…I was actually suprised to be the feature story on the front given that the Holes blew out Maryland. And I figured that once I continued to the follow up that it would just be text alone. Wasn’t expecting two more large color photos from the action.

This has easily been our best year of coverage with the Observer. Hope it continues to come.

Jena rocks!

Didn’t see any links:
Niners shrug off sluggishness, ECU

Pleasantly surprised when I opened the paper this morning.

Great Coverage.

[b][b]"Eddie has probably been one of my most favorite players in this league. I just love the kid. He's what every coach wants on a team -- tough, hard-nosed, competitive leader, defender, rebounder, scorer. He's really good. I mean really, really good." -- ECU coach Bill Herrion[/b][/b]
Coach, that's a nice comment! And absolutely true, without EB this team would be in big trouble.

I bet in the regional edition the Heels are the lead story? but atleast we are making progress I suppose

it seems Eddie is the one player that always gives 100%, I can’t say that for rest of the team unless you consider Plavich shooting at will as giving 100% too?

clt says we recieved token like coverage.