Eddie Badsen


Finally getting the exposure he deserves.

Great article! Nothing in there we didn’t already know, but around the country many are finally opening their eyes to Basden. It is amazing that all we usually read about are the star players on the “Marquee” teams. The 9ers and Eddie are making a great name for themselves and it is show in the press, albeit a little late. I assure you more will follow. Thanks for the post.Regards, Oldniner

Yeah, that’s an excellent article. My favorite part about his game evolving and being patient:

“Every year here I had a different role to play. My freshman year we had plenty of scorers, so my job was play defense,” said Basden, the reigning C-USA Defensive Player of the Year. “That became my niche, playing solid defense. But I always knew I was the all-around player. I just had to wait my turn to show it.”

Playing unselfishly and like a team, hmmm, maybe we should stick to not having names on the back of our jerseys.