Eddie Basden

Hey All

Seeing as there is a alot of negativity on here as of late. I decided to bring a little sunshine into your lives. Well not really just a bit of fun more like it. I was on facebook and was looking around and noticed alot of players have fan pages and saw Eddie didn’t have one. So I created one. So if you are on facebook then be sure to join my Eddie Basden group.
Ive uploaded 2 vids from youtube so if anyone has any short videos let me know. If also sent Eddie a msg and told him to join up.


Feel free to add my CUSA POY medallion image of him. I have the electronic cut sheet of Eddie that was in one of the local sports rags from 2005, also. When I find it, I’ll link it.

There were actually already 3 other groups for him


he also has a facebook profile too.

Eh they all suck. 2 have no members and the other has 21.

Plus mines got manly videos and all. I wanna get as many members as possible to tell ppl to join

I still haven’t been able to locate the cut sheet, but here’s one other graphic I made to honor his POY award: