Eddie's Ankle

I guess I missed it that Eddie had a bum ankle. Maybe this is why he did not play up to snuff vs EZU. It is mentioned in the paper today.

Pretty sure he injured it prior to the Marquette game actually and played fine in that game. Could have acted back up on him again or something. I’m not a big fan of long lay offs before a key game, but I think this extra week will be beneficial to Eddie/Mitch.

The ankle was injured before the Cincinnati game and shouldn’t have played then. It was swollen badly after that game.

Injuries seem to playing havoc as of late in college hoops when looking at who’s been forced to the bench this season:

Mitchell Baldwin (Charlotte)
Travis Diener (Marquette)
Boubacar Coly, Brandon Cole, and Brian Thorton (Xavier)
LaMarcus Aldridge (Texas)
B. J. Elder (Georgia Tech)
Dawan Robinson and Jamaal Wise (Rhode Island)
Tom Frericks (Saint Louis)
Chadd Moore (Cincinnati)
Chudi Chinweze (TCU)

And the list goes on…

I completely forgot about Wise at URI. Nice list!