Ej Drayton

Welcome to DI. You had a rough Nov/Dec/ early January, but you’re catching on.

I feel this has gotten lost in Curtis and Eddie’s stellar play of late.

last 3 games, EJ has hit the boards really well. something like 8, 9 and 8. As well as scoring around 10/game. well done EJ :headbang:

That’s a fairly astute observation MNH. Have been hanging out with Barry again?

He makes his free throws as well.

If EJ was hitting 2 and 3 footers he would have scored 20 last night. He is stepping up big time for us.

Just needs to work on his finish on the inside, and he’s the complete package.
A little scary on the attempted layups and putbacks.

He’s finishing his transition from JUCO to D1.

Yeah but when he puts some size on his frame that will happen. Unlike other players, EJ goes right up into the contact, he just hasn’t been able to finish through it. With 15 more pounds he’ll go right up and score every time with a foul.