Elon post game

We will lose every game next year if Matt is our qb. That is all.

Don’t say that people will get mad.

God, that was ugly.

You mean we don’t play Campbell next year?

clt waits for Riley.

And hopes Matt is ok.

CUSA defenses are going to eat Johnson alive next year…

Horrible QB play… Just horrible
O Line was terrible
CB’s were pop warner bad
DLine was non existent
Special teams (other than Brewer) were lousy

Just a giant turd all around… But I should be happy that we have football and not complain.

Poor all around effort. That said, we are 3-1 and didn’t roll over, despite bad Matt getting off the bus today, left good Matt back in Durham. These things are going to happen. It’s our 15th game ever. Frustrating, but we will improve. Lots of games at home coming up, need to right the ship and get healthy this week.

The coaching staff has to know this too, right?

After this performance, the coaching staff should expect to lose their jobs after next season if something doesn’t change. We’ll go 0-12.

Bring on RILEY

We got exposed

Offensive line was laughable
Defensive line got manhandled
Matt is definitely not the answer
We were outcoached. Badly.

Norman and Cunningham were straight garbage. They were giving receivers 15 yard cushions on EVERY play. Elon ran the same 5 yard hitch ALL NIGHT LONG. Our coaching staff gets an F- tonight for failing to address the soft coverage.

The coaching staff should apologize to the players for that embarrassment. Tied game with 9 minutes left in the 3rd quarter? Sure, run the same draw to the left tackle that hasn’t worked all night on 1st AND 2nd downs.

Until we get decent secondary play, a QB that can read defenses and go through his progressions, a line that can move their feet, and a defensive coordinator that knows what the hell is going on, we won’t win these games.

By the way… I almost turned this game off. I’ve watched a lot of football in my life but I’ve never been so frustrated. Probably because I knew what was coming each snap when we were on defense but we didn’t even try to stop them. No changes were made.

Watching the opponent string together 15 play drives 5 yards at a time is incredibly difficult to watch.

Elon is a very challenged football team, to state it mildly.

Tonight was a significant setback for the program in every facet of the game save maybe FG kicking.


Yay football?

First time, I can say, I’m ashamed they way this team play tonight. Our coaching sucked tonight. Just lousy football all the way around tonight

Bummed we lost but I expect to see inconsistent play out of a young team. [font=verdana]Too many turnovers and penalties killed us. [/font] I see big improvements from last year. We almost came back to tie the game. Looking forward to next week. It is great to have a college football team I care about even one that pisses me off when they don’t play well.

I agree that Matt was not good today, but as much as blame as he gets, Duke continues to drop too many balls. Johnson’s passes weren’t on the money by no means, but there are too many balls hitting both hands. And Matt obviously didn’t recognize how far downfield the receivers were or he just didn’t eat his Wheaties.

Getting stuck at the goal line hurt and proved to be a huge play.

Matt’s field vision just isn’t there. He has to be able to see the LB underneath. I haven’t been a huge college football fan before the niners so the only QB play I’ve seen are ranked teams who obviously have more talent. So I don’t know what’s realistic qb play for us. But elons qb and offense out played ours.

Damn the cb soft cushion play was hard to watch for 3 hours.

i feel really bad for the receivers and phillips, they are really good but johnson is terrible. he has no business as the starter. also, the defensive play calinng was terrible. too soft of coverage. king should not be a starting linebacker. a total embarrassment overall.

Absolutely the worst game this team has played all year. Johnson was really REALLY bad, at one point even throwing a ball to literately no one in a white jersey. Really surprised that the running game was so bad and that Thomas didn’t come in at all. Tackling was partly like it was last year. Really bad and gave up more yards than it should.
The worst part was hearing the stats from the announcers:
Elon had a season high in first downs against us.
Elon had a season high in passing yards against us.
Elon was more than 50% on third down against us.
Elon snapped an 8 game losing streak dating back to last year, AGAINST US.

I kinda expected us to have a few bad games, but I never expected us to be THIS bad.

Elon had the perfect plan to defeat us, sell out to stop the run and make Johnson beat them through the air. He was…well not very good tonight. I think we will see more Ds take the same approach now that it’s been exposed. People were open too…we just weren’t able to get the ball to them.

Disappointing loss, and it doesn’t get any easier next week.