End of Season Poll: Fire Sanchez?

Mike Hill tells Ron…

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I have a bad feeling we will hear nothing from the AD & nothing will change. I’m sick of this program being treated like a place for guys to come get a free education & play some basketball while they are here. It’s a freaking joke & if Hill doesn’t do something, he is also a joke.

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For those that voted to keep Sanchez - what metric are you looking at? Because there isn’t 1 that supports keeping him. College basketball is different, you can win quickly and especially do it with the portal.

Longwood is going dancing for crying out loud. It’s so painfully obvious Sanchez will never work out. He loaded up guys from the portal and we still sucked. The 17-14 record is beyond misleading.

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I feel better since a couple bricks have been laid…not!

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From MHH2006 - “I’m sick of this program being treated like a place for guys to come get a feee education & play some basketball while they are here.”

I agree with you MHH. Remember when we first started seeking football. A former UNC president came to our campus and spoke to students, faculty, and alumni telling us to know our place. He told us our campus did not need a football program. He said other campuses in the system already have that taken care of. And, if students want that experience they can go somewhere else. Similar comments have been made about Charlotte starting a med school or law school.

In other words, the system’s preferred programs don’t want any competition from Charlotte so “know your place.” This is the same with any other “major sport” at Charlotte. Our role should be to focus on the sports that get minimal attention. Let the other in state universities (primarily UNC) focus on the major sports.

Charlotte has, by far, the most potential and offers the greatest threat.Those with the greatest amount of Charlotte’s influence seem to always be content with participation. People that often appear to have the authority to make decisions often are controlled from above. I truly hope that is not the case here at Charlotte.

By the way, this is no indictment on Sanchez. He may still be the right guy. However, the measurable results are completely against him. There are no excuses for Charlotte to not be relevant on a frequent basis, if not annually.

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Would anyone here want Bruce Weber? Big name, could bring in some players potentially

I posted about him in the coaching carousel thread.

A few things to consider:

  1. He wants to coach some more, but he is also 65

  2. His last 3 seasons at KSU weren’t great

  3. He spent pretty much his entire life in the Midwest. Dunno how he’d do in Charlotte. He’d have to hire staff that could recruit and open doors in the region, and he is kinda old for all of that.

  4. He is going to do things the right way as far as not cutting corners or delving into grey areas in recruiting. That’s something I’d admire, but ask yourself if a by the book guy is something we need another of. For all the Lutz fans, his staff pushed the boundaries, frequently. It’s a choice.

Having said all that, I like the guy. I would have liked him a lot more 4-8 years ago.

Sanchez is just too damn soft. Your coach needs to be a fiery son of a bitch. Not a Bobby Knight bully but a forceful, focused leader of young men. Sanchez seems suited as a grade school PE teacher at best.

You mean we need someone like Lutz!


I actually prefer Ron’s style of coaching for football and WIll’s style for basketball. Wish they would rub off on each other some.

After looking at the win/loss total against quad tiers, we know who we are

Here is what the Poll looks like at 100 votes…