End of Season Poll: Fire Sanchez?

Fire Sanchez?
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Nice guy but fire him. If young and/or khalifa leave, so be it. No use in prolonging this another year and then doing it. If he isn’t fired, Hill better know of some transfers already being discussed coming in. This is 4 years into the Sanchez era and we are still just a middle of pack CUSA team.

I believe that we are only middle of the pack within this childish conference by accident only. I would put us legitimately in the lower quarter. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, so too were some of our wins.

Don’t disagree with a lot of the reasoning for firing the guy, which has been discussed extensively throughout the season, but I still voted no. Yes, this team underperformed by a large margin, but the end result is still not worth blowing it up and starting all over AGAIN.

Blowing it up now will not get us back to even this point for 3-4 more seasons. I’d rather save the pain and find faith that things will finally click in the next couple seasons.

So many other programs have turned it around so much faster than that. Keep the core and a coach can do it in a season or two.

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I’m on record as saying Hill would not fire Ron yet. After tonight, I’m not so sure.

He better fucking fire him or he will be next.

Stolen from @Ninercentral

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Blowing it up now could get us back to where you want to be one year sooner right?

We have 4 years of Sanchez history to go by now to help us decide if we think Sanchez can get us to top 100… top 50… competing for AAC titles??? If Sanchez would have won 2 games, I would have said give him another year. Even though his win record against good teams sucked. But losing the first game in the CUSA tourney, no thanks.

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Someone needs to post our season record against the NET quads. It’s in another thread. It’s terrible. You give excuses for a coaches first year or 2 but not his 4th year and his best roster of all 4 years.

I was going to be ready to halfway “defend” Sanchez (I use the term lightly) depending on the outcome of this tournament, but after tonight there’s really nothing to be said in his defense. I think its safe to say Ron isn’t cut out to be a D1 head coach.

If this pattern holds true, we can expect a 10-win season next year.

Q1- 0-3
Q2- 0-5
Q3- 5-5
Q4- 12-0

All you need to know

With the loss to Rice, Q4 is now 12-1.

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He actually had the talent and could not succeed. How many years are we going to give someone who cannot seem to win? Lets go ahead and choose another unproven assistant and give them 4 years. That’s what we seem to be good at these days. STOP SUCKING OR I’M ABOUT TO STOP WATCHING AND I’M OLD

NET rankings for all NC D1 schools

9 Duke
33 UNC
39 Wake Forest
45 Davidson
147 NC State
148 Winthrop
156 Coastal Carolina
159 App State
167 UNC-Greensboro
172 Gardner-Webb
177 UNC-Wilmington
179 ECU
180 Charlotte
221 Campbell
224 UNC-Asheville
258 Elon
259 High Point
286 NC A&T
287 Western Carolina
292 NC Central


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