Enough said.

"Don’t forget a total of five missed Charlotte free throws in the final minute of regulation and the last 1:08 of overtime, either. "

Add that to the fact I do not believe we got a single rebound in the last 2 minutes of regulation or OT and a loss is usually always the outcome.

Bottom line you must make plays at the end to win games like these. We had so many chances to grab a rebound or hit consecutive free throws and ice this game it was unbelievable. Winning teams make these winning plays. It seems to be a constant with our program that no one steps up to make these plays. We need to recruit leaders not purely athletes. Who was the last true leader we had that you could trust the game with. Hell who was our last “go to guy” (De Marco?) you went to for a basket when you needed it. Does our staff instill this confidence in our players to make these plays at the end of the game or beat them down and take it away from them? I am starting to wonder.

Yep. You gotta hit FTs in the clutch. The game was ours if we had…we didn’t. On to the tourney.