Eric Wallace (2007) and William Graves (2006)?

Anybody know if we are pursuing either one? Wallace is a rising sophomore and Graves is a rising junior. Both are really good. Both were at ABCD camp recently, and both made the All-Star game at the camp. State has already offered Wallace, and Carolina is after both players also. Graves resides in Greensboro (Dudley) and Wallace resides in Winston-Salem (Glenn). Just wondering if we are in the hunt or not.

Below is an article about Wallace that ran in the Observer earlier this week. It also mentions Graves.

Wallace Article

Both are very good players, but the unfortunate reality is we have no shot at either and other than some cursory contact the staff will not waste their time.

Both will be top 50 or bettor in their classes and the ACC is already all over them.

[b]but the unfortunate reality is we have no shot at either and other than some cursory contact the staff will not waste their time.[/b]

I kind of figured as much, but was wondering from one of the insiders if we had even attempted to talk to them. I know guys like this usually have ACC on their minds when they’re this touted, but if we don’t show any interest we’ll never have a shot at such players. Roy Williams came to Glenn last year to watch their teams play one another, so I knew both were already on everybody’s radar. Graves is 6’5", can rain threes, and handles the ball extremely well for his size. Wallace will have to work on his jumper some, but he is an incredible athlete. He attends my high school alma mater, and will be very fun to watch the next couple of years. What a dream to see either, or dare I say, both, in a Niner uni. :wow: :o

AHHH a dream I’m afriad we will never see come true. Would be nice though. We unfortunately have to work much harder than the big boys and find the diamonds in the rough, like Curtis and Jobey.
Sorry to hear you were forced to attend HS at Glenn and not a real school like West Forsyth. At least you got to choose to go where you wanted to for college and made the excellent choice to attend Charlotte.

Charlotte has expressed interest in Graves, but are realistic about their chances.
He and Wallace are very talented kids I have been a fan of William since the 8th grade. He did really well here in NJ, but I thought he could’ve played even better.
Nickelberry is on Graves hard, I chatted with Coach Nick at ABCD and I am good friends with William’s father, and he says that Clemson is going at him hard, but he didn’t really favor them too well.
Had to chime in this one, because I’ve been screaming Will’s name for years now.

BTW, we’re going to be talking to Michael Neal soon, look for that.

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As far as college basketball is concerned, what has Davie produced??

West has produced Chris Paul and WNBA player Laquanda Barksdale among others.

Glenn has been a basketball hotbed over the last 12 years. If we would have had a better coach while Thompson and Feggins were there, we would have a couple of State Championship banners on the wall. Here’s a list of the D1 players that I know/remember:

Kevin Thompson - NC State
Bryant Feggins - NC State
Andre Owens - LSU (via Hiwassee JUCO)
Josh Howard - Wake Forest
Chris Oliver - Radford

We also had Reyshaun Terry until Reynolds recruited him prior to him signing with UNC. Eric Wallace will be added to that list in a couple of years.

Even with all that talent West has dominated Glenn.
I will say it is strange to look at that impressive list of players and think Glenn has never even sniffed a state title. Guess it does show what coaching(or lack there of) will do for you.

FWI: Wallace was rated the #3 Sophomore at the Reebok ABCD camp.
(OJ Mayo #1, seen him play, he will never play in college)

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LOL…What year did you graduate from the farm, I mean Davie?

[b]Even with all that talent West has dominated Glenn.[/b]

I would guess that since Glenn re-opened in 1985, it’s about an even split. I’ll do some research and see what the actual records are.

The 1988 and 1989 teams were incredible to watch. We played in front of packed houses wherever we went, and you had better gotten there early if you wanted a seat. If we had a good bench coach at that time nobody would have sniffed us. With Howard, we just didn’t have the supporting cast to beat teams with size. Terry was a head case the year and half he was on varsity.

We lost in the semi’s in 1989 to Garinger, who beat Fike in the finals. Worst referred game I have ever seen. We had two of our best players with three fouls less than 6 minutes into the game. Goes back to coaching though. Their coach was pressing the refs for fouls and the refs bought it. Our coach just sat there and watched it happen, and did nothing.

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Class of 86, I have many friends who graduated from Davie that I love to torment.

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