ESPN College Hoops 2005

[b]2k5 is going to be hurting for the NFL games, but the NCAA games should still rule. Do they do MLB and NBA also?[/b]

Sega is going to be out entirely for an NFL game next year because EA got exclusive rights, EA is trying to buy the gaming world. They do have MLB and NBA games, and from what I have seen the MLB 2k5 is well worth the $. I don’t know anything on the NBA game though.

Yeah, ESPN does NBA games too, but I prefer the NBA Live series, especially with the new dunk contest that is really well done and just as fun as playing a regular game.

The only thing fun about NBA live is the dunk contest, the actually games are garbage.

[i]Originally posted by Chisox17[/i]@Feb 28 2005, 04:05 PM [b] damn my bad 49erfan1, i was reading over the other post as i read that and thought u said the more expensive one was better, sorry [/b]
It's gravy.
[i]Originally posted by 49erFan1[/i]@Feb 28 2005, 10:02 PM [b] It's gravy. [/b]
nah dude its not gravy i feel really bad, i thought you said something different and jumped the gun and called you out on it like an idiot and i feel super bad about it. trust me ill be reading a lot more closely/carefully from now on

dunk contest and 3 point shootout is nasty on Live 05… Sega Sports is falling quick… They are not releasing a NFL 2k6 and no word yet on college basketball… 989 sports have their new labels now… NBA has been released and MLB is upcoming… 989 might come back with a strong college basketball game in 06, yet all the previous 989s have sucked