ESPN College Hoops 2005

Have any of you played this? My husband bought it last night and Halon Arena looks pretty cool. Doesn’t show Norm on it though. On Rivalry mode it has Richmond and ECU as our rivals??? Anyone know how this game compares to the other College Hoops games?

Best game available for college hoops.

[b] Best game available for college hoops.[/b]

Agreed. It does suck that they cannot get the rivalries correct…do they just throw darts at an old schedule. I can understand ECU, but Richmond? Maybe they were guessing when Charlotte goes to the A-10.

Anyways, if Plavich is free anywhere behind the line, launch it on that game. Just don’t try to create a shot for him. Dribble penetrate and shoot.

And what’s up with 2-3 zone being our base offense? Isn’t it man-to-man with junk thrown in…

Too much time in between real Niner games. I need less time to play video games.

Cakewalk, must be nice to have all that free time… :stuck_out_tongue:

ehhh i have to disagree…EA sports NCAA 2005 basketball is much better

[b]And what's up with 2-3 zone being our base offense? Isn't it man-to-man with junk thrown in...[/b]

no we are strictly a zone team because thats the style lutz likes to play…but we occasionally step out of it


2k5 = 20 bucks.

Therefore 2k5 = better.

I haven’t played EA’s game in while, but a few years ago it was just NBA Live with college uni’s. Bah.

Picked up 2k5 just a few days ago and been playing it like crazy. Trying to work my way up from Bethune-Cookman College (Daytona, FL, w00t) and see if I can’t land a bigger job.

The first season I simmed, I think 'Cuse won it all. The second one (same season, just another try) Carolina won it all. Charlotte made the Sweet 16 and lost to Ga. Tech (???) in that one. Doh.
Also, Coach Lutz hasn’t gone anywhere in the game, if that makes you feel better. :stuck_out_tongue:

[i]Originally posted by 49erFan1[/i]@Feb 28 2005, 02:24 PM [b] 2k5 = 20 bucks.

Therefore 2k5 = better. [/b]

more money = better ??

your logic = monkey shit

2k5 has an attractive price but gameplay sucks… march madness 05 stats do not match up to the players… Iti is rated at 86, and Eddie I think is in the 70s. Plus the gameplay is down from the previous release. Madness 04 has been the best game released. Has Demon, Butter, Tory Reed, Tyler Best and Howard. Madness has us as NC-Charlotte though :pout:

i also have march madness 04, thats a damn good game. demon scores like 35 for me each game, and sager is usualyy in the 20’s. yeah can you tell i love the three ball?

[i]Originally posted by Chisox17+Feb 28 2005, 02:29 PM-->
[b]QUOTE[/b] (Chisox17 @ Feb 28 2005, 02:29 PM)
<!--QuoteBegin-49erFan1[/i]@Feb 28 2005, 02:24 PM [b] 2k5 = 20 bucks.

Therefore 2k5 = better. [/b]
more money = better ??

your logic = monkey shit [/b][/quote]
What are you talking about? He said it was cheaper so it was better.

Chill out man.

Sorry Chisox, some of us live in the real world and have to pay for what we buy. So like the majority of college students, when their are 2 products with similar content, we buy the cheaper of the two.

It’s called scarcity in economics.

March Madness is bull crap, they have got away with just throwing ratings around for the players, and the teams never play realistically. When McCants and Felton were freshman at NC, March Madness had felton playing small forward and dunking all over people, and McCants was a lil guard. ESPN 2k5 gets in right. Plavich is one of the best shooters on the game, Eddie can get to the basket and finish, and Curtis is a beast inside. If ur gonna get one. Get the one that gets in right. I’ve been an EA sports fan for a long time, but i got sick of the rosters being terrible.

damn my bad 49erfan1, i was reading over the other post as i read that and thought u said the more expensive one was better, sorry

I hate Brad Nessler calling us NC Charlotte. Iti averages 11 blocks and 20 points a game when I play. There are jersey numbers of 50 15 and 11 on the bench. Its a fun game though, but 2k5 is a little better.

It is going to be very difficult for Sega Sports, who made 2k5, to compete next year due to them losing the ESPN name for all their games to EA sports. This last year was the best ever for sports games by both publishers due to the competition. I give the nod to ESPN 2k5, which makes me hate that Sega will be struggling after this year.

ESPN 2k5 is pretty bad ass, only problem was Travis Gordon was black in the game.

I actually made Travis look as close as I could to reality.
2k5 is going to be hurting for the NFL games, but the NCAA games should still rule. Do they do MLB and NBA also?