ESPN+ Docuseries - Mining For Greatness 📺

Both episodes so far have been edited in a very positive way.

Stanley Kubrick would have a hard time editing this one positively.

I really hope I’m wrong but I don’t see another win on our schedule so what is the series actually going to be about?

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I think I’m done with watching this.

Biff firing the whole staff? Who knows

clt says this week should be a 30 minute interview with lutz

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Mining for coordinators?

Mining for QB’s?

Mining for Athletic Director?

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Mining for Mediocre

For this episode to be positive…it will have to be 6 min long.

At best.

They should go heavy on game film and the QB situation and coaches statements. Get honest reactions. Let’s peel the onion and see what’s inside!

I know this was financed by one of our most giving alumni, but it doesn’t have to be a ra ra nothing is wrong show.

Detail the drama and the struggle.

That’s what made Last Chance U so great.


I got a feeling we do NOT want to see behind the curtain. The circus and dirty laundry would be far more embarrassing for the program than the play on the field…and that’s saying something.

Hence why you dont his real interactions with hill.

New episode last night. No one watched?

Losing content fast. Biff sounded like a self help guru more than a FB coach. You think Georgia State
coach has his linemen fill out self help cards for a better understanding of their love language?!?

Wow, I totally forgot about it. My excuse is I’m fighting some crud off.

Not really what they were doing and i imagine other coaches do similar stuff. Its psychological stuff

I’m watching it now…

David Ravin made a really good point talking about the city supporting the program. He said you can’t wait for the team to win and then jump on the bandwagon. Football doesn’t work like that. It’s way too expensive. You have to invest and be patient.


That’s not just big donors that’s all of us.

I know we all wanna win and it’s tough to keep giving when things seem to not get better, but the reality is if you wanna see us win you have to keep giving and be patient. It takes money to win and with holding money until we win isn’t the path they gets us to winning - in fact it just makes it harder.

For me I’ve always been on board regardless of Ws and Ls. What pushed me away for awhile was overall strategic leadership with Judy and not addressing football that got us booted from CUSA 1.0.