ESPN NCAA 2K5 & EA March Madness 2005 are out

picked up 2k5 today… $20. Great price.

is it good?

ask me in about 5 hours :thumbsup:

Actually, ESPN 2k5 is a good game, pretty solid. I played a quickie Charlotte v. Cincy and for the most part, gameplay was solid, crowd chanting, really smooth. Of course, the game designers (of any company) can’t seem to get our arena right, but other than that, for $20, it’s the best deal. More realistic. I’ll be putting in player real names after I get off of work, but it’s hot.

[i]Originally posted by cutman49er[/i]@Nov 18 2004, 06:05 PM [b] I'll be putting in player real names after I get off of work, but it's hot. [/b]
Good luck doing it. I cannot figure out how... It seems to only give two options: random names for every player, or no names. Cant find a name editor anywhere except create a player.

It’s pissin me off.

Withers is the truth on this game. He just scored 25 against NCSU in a Niner win.

[edit] - Nevermind, I figured it out. Hit start to edit a player’s name. All of their names are recognized. Even Leemire & De’Angelo.

Anybody have March Madness yet?? I sent away for it when they had the EA Sports 2 for 1 deal and havn’t heard anything back yet.

do we still play in haltron arena?

I’m not sure if this is the one we are on, but the pep band recorded the fight song for one of the video games.

For ESPN NCAA 2K5, under what option (if any) can you take control of the Niners in a career mode? From what I gathered (only messed with it for an hour last night) you have to go through Legacy and work your way though. The manual for the game stinks.

They fixed the arena name, but the generic model they used is wrong & half the fans wear gold. It looks a little weird. We’re also wearing the And1 unis, but that’s to be expected.

The manual for the game is wretched, and I suspect that’s where they cut costs to make that $19.99 price point.

You can control the Niners in Open mode, which I think is Legacy->Open. I forget now, but I had no trouble finding it.

I’ve played the game just enough to hit the wall on offense/defense. I can win starter level games easily, but I still cant call plays, alley-oop, lead pass, give n go, press effectively, or switch defenses quickly.

I like the quick adjust fastbreak/crash boards meter, but it still usually costs me an easy basket to implement.

FYI - to press you have to dig deep into your coaching options. Don’t like that at all, and it’s not as effective as in the past.

Try playing the Tarholes. They pressed me constantly and it was super effective. It was so frustrating because my press never worked that well.

All that said, this is a GREAT game. I didnt get it last year, but this year’s version is the best college game I’ve ever bought. I like the free throw system even though our team stinks at it. Too many other pluses to list.

I will say that the computer has no idea how to play our team. I simmed some season games and UNC Asheville punked us by 30+ points. I replayed it in coach mode and they beat us again. The computer plays us as a plodding, slow, passive half court team on both ends of the floor. It has no idea how to use Withers & thinks he’s useless on offense. Crank up the pressure, speed, fast breaks, aggresiveness, and we’re a different team. (I beat UNCA by 45 pts).

Is it possible to fix the jersey numbers for EJ and De’Angelo?

Yes, hit start and edit player.

I understand that they f—ed up and gave us Marquette’s fight song. :blink:

[i]Originally posted by UNCCTF[/i]@Nov 23 2004, 12:37 AM [b] I understand that they f---ed up and gave us Marquette's fight song. :blink: [/b]
No surprise can never be right.

I thought it was a generic fight song, because it’s pretty crappy.
Marquette, your fight song is pretty crappy.