ETSU Pregame at Picasso's

Who’s going? I’ll shoot to be there around 6.

itsbraille49 + others
Mrs. NinerWupAss
Lil NinerWupAss
ConcordNiners + others

Plan on it, plus maybe 1-2 others. Straight from work this time.

Not a chance in hell, but I might stop by post game.

Bump for the lunchtime crowd

Won’t we be rushed with the game at 7?

tipoff is 7:30

Me and the Mrs and lil WupAss will be there round 6.

I’ll stop in around 6-6:30.

Me plus a few

I don’t remember if i’ve ever met you concord.

You met him playing basketball. I was there.

It happened.

I will probably stop by post game.