Every Year!!!

How do we lose an 11 point lead in the second half at home. Every year we lose one of these early season games to put us in the hole that we seem to never dig out of until tourney time. We will not get any respect for the top25 losing at home to teams we should beat!!!

Agree 100%

We got to the line 21 times in the 2nd half.

We only needed to shoot 50% from the line to win the game.

I overheard an exchange after the game stating that Lutz has them make 40-50 free throws in practice.

Now I know why the team sucks at it. 80% in a practice environment will be much lower in a pressure environment. 80% is a low B and almost a C where I went to school.

Bottom line is IF THIS TEAM IS AS GOOD AS THEY THINK THEY ARE, they can have 1 more non-conference loss. Anything else is different year, same story.

oh no we suck again!

[b][b]Every[/b] year we lose one of these early season games.[/b]

Yeah, it’s in the cards.
I prepaired my crappy home for this game, and I wore a suit for no good reason.
When I was in school we’d make ouji boards from stolen cafeteria trays by knifing-in the alphabet. We’d put our fingernails on an inverted glass. I mention the ouji board because the mysterious multiplicity of forces that ganged us had a lot to do with the outcome of tonight’s game. That’s how it seemed to me.
When you make 50 free throws in a row when noone’s watching, you wonder if someone like Charles Hayward can gather it and grace it upon someone alive- someone that sucks shit.
Maybe there aren’t enough ghosts in our hallways. They say visionaries aren’t detail oriented. Sometimes I think Lutz is a visionary.

Trust in Bob.