Facilities - Charlotte 49ers Cribs

Thought it would be nice to have all these in one place. Lots of redundant content because, of course, different sports share the same facilities. WOW, lots of long missing faces, coaches and players, and I don’t think any are older than 3 years.

Football Field House (construction):

Charlotte 49ers Football Cribs March, 2012

Hayes Stadium (baseball):

Charlotte 49ers Baseball Cribs

Wachovia Field House (soccer/baseball/softball)

Charlotte Cribs: Mens Soccer

Charlotte Cribs: Womens Soccer

Belk Track and Field Center:

Charlotte 49ers Cross Country Cribs

Charlotte 49ers Track & Field Cribs

Halton Arena:

Charlotte 49ers Cribs: Halton Arena Edition

Charlotte Cribs: Volleyball

Charlotte 49ers Womens Basketball ‘Cribs’

Charlotte 49ers Halton Arena Newly Renovated ‘2nd Floor’ Office Tour

Softball 8:00 mark (not really a tour but you can see the stadium):

Charlotte 49ers Panning For Gold 3.0: Part 19

Halton-Wagner (tennis):

Charlotte 49ers Halton-Wagner Tennis Complex First Look

Charlotte 49ers Halton-Wagner Tennis Complex Dedication