Fall camp starts next week

I thought this deserved its own thread… Fall camp for football will kick off Tuesday next week. I don’t know any times yet, but with our open door policy, I’m sure we’ll see something before too long about it.

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“The excitement is there”

“Front seven is nasty”

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Is practice open on Saturday? Time?

Practices are always open. In the spring Saturday practices were at 9:00 AM. The article says Wednesday practice is at 8:30 AM. Guessing somewhere around then. Keep an eye on the football webpage, they might list the practice schedule there like they did in the spring.

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Said senior defensive back Ben DeLuca: “The energy and intensity was high. We’re older. There’s a lot of us coming back. We have a lot of experience. We have a lot of energy on the offense, a lot of dynamic playmakers in Vic[tor Tucker] and Benny [LeMay, senior running back], Cam Clark [a senior offensive lineman]…I could really go on. We’re building on top of something. We’re not just starting over.”


I want to know if Coach Healy still has an arm

I’m thankful for the Post’s coverage; always been good.


Would love to know how kean looks if anybody makes it out!



Healy said a decision won’t be made on who wins the job until at least Aug. 10, when the team will hold its first scrimmage

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clt says we need a name change