Fan Fest + Athletics Surplus Sale

Fan Fest will be August 17th from 4-6pm. During this time there will be an Athletics Surplus Sale, see the image below for more details on that.


Smart move to put the Surplus Sale at Fan Fest.


clt says deals, deals, deals.

Those prices are ridiculously cheap. Wonder if they’ll limit purchases per person to keep a few people from scooping up everything?

Wish they had some of the pinstripe baseball jerseys for sale.

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If somebody tries to scalp gear knowing our issues i will literally be yelling at them.

Been looking for our AD to do something along these lines for a while. Now with MH, these kinds of things are getting done. Love the new direction and fan engagement MH has shown. He continues to impress me at every turn, so far.

I am throwing a surprise birthday party for my wife that night and can’t be there.

I will pay anyone who gets me one 30.00 for a football jersey payable at a football game this spring or I will pay shipping.

Pm me.



Where is this gear coming from, are the teams getting new jerseys this year?

clt bets we have new unis

Where’s the golf headcovers?


Any official information besides the pic/tweet from a49? I’ve tried looking on the website and athletic twitter to get full details but don’t see anything.

That image is official, came from an email I received from the AD.

Apologies, wasn’t questioning the authenticity of the image. Just wondering where one would find more details as I didn’t receive an email and the image provides details for what will be sold but not for the event overall.

Oh, no worries. There was no additional copy in what I received, just the promo image.

2k is the only FAN!!!

Here’s the tweet:

This is when I dislike being so far away. Anyone interested in picking me up an XL soccer jersey? I can PayPal you the money.

I would love to see some track/cross country tops available.

Edit: I would also take a pair of XL game shorts (basketball/soccer).