Favorite 49er Vids

I thought it would be fun to have a topic where everyone was able to put their favorite videos from various 49er sports (or other events) for reliving/enjoying. I’ve thrown up a few below.

Charlotte vs. Indiana (basketball)

Charlotte vs. Syracuse (basketball)

Charlotte vs. Campbell (football)

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This might not work, but this is my favorite play in Charlotte football history.

Amazing blocking off the snap and downfield

Debated posting this one, but this is absolutely the greatest niner game I ever attended, regardless of sport. This was the first home game after the college cup. I may know the shirtless guy at the end of the video.


Fun story about the Plavich half court shot: at about 6:18 in that video, you see a male IU cheerleader clearly shove Eddie Basden in the post game fray. I e-mailed that video to their cheerleading coach in the days after and the guy was kicked off the team.


And potato quality, but a personal favorite is when I was in the introduction to one of our ESPN games with some of the early 2000s Gang Green crew.

I was looking for the “This Town” video earlier. One of the best ones we’ve put out. I’d love to see us update it and put something of similar quality out. That video was awesome.


The video from the Cincy game from 1999 reminded me of how Bobby Lutz was capable of brain farts in crucial situations on the sidelines. He clearly thought we had two foul shots at the end instead of the one and one.

I remember hearing about and seeing this online back then.

Hate that all of Chad’s awesome dunk move vs michigan was not shown in this vid. We just see the end and that’s too bad because it’s one of the GREATEST NINER plays in our history.

Was going to post the video of Wilderness’ nasty play at TWC Arena that made the top 10 on Sportcenter, but apparently it’s buried somewhere in the depths of the internet lol.

First Sun Belt Conference basketball game ever played.

You can skip to my favorite part of the game…6:30 mark…Lamont Mack corner 3…Speakers play Zombie Nation and Halton goes crazy! Honestly the last super exciting game i’ve been too at the arena (also the last completely packed). idk about you guys, but I also liked the students along the whole sideline where they used to be vs behind the goals.

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This game also holds a special place in my heart as it was the first Niner athletic even I ever attended.

I did love that game and still have that shirt. Agree about the sidelines, but I get why they moved. I think this games started a pretty good streak for us of knocking off at least one ranked team every year, even though the post-season was dry for us. At least it was still fun.

In honor of moving back to 104 and the butt whooping, the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r05hh8B11UU