Favorite beer

Best thread topic ever. (Besides Golddusters thread of course)

my five:

  1. Yuengling
  2. New Castle Brown Ale
  3. Heineken
  4. Red Stripe, Horrayyy Beer!
  5. Sam Adams, all 4,678,971 types or however many there is now

Annnnd, GO!..

:toast: :drink: :biggrin:

Schlitz Ice.

duck rabbit milk stout

i stopped drinkin sooooooooooooooo bass when i did drink though

Black Irish (watch the bubbles - they float down) or Pale Belgians

Yuengling IS an awesome beer. They actually now have a Black and Tan which is really quite good.
Sam Adams is always awesome.
Bass and Harp are always good exports. Not much of a Heineken fan.

I take a lot of heat for admitting this, but I consider budweiser and it’s brothers to be good cheap beer. Somehow, my beer drinking credibility takes a hit when I admit that.

And now onto the most disgusting family of beers ever:


Old Milwaukee, Pabst, and Schlitz, OH MY!

Edit: NLNP, must be some Western Pennsylvanian thing. Ick.

  1. Samuel Adams (ale & lager)
  2. Pete’s Wicked Ale
  3. Guinness
  4. Heiny
  5. St. Pauli Girl

Least Favorite (thought would be even more fun):

  1. Keystone
  2. PBR
  3. Schlitz
  4. Mickey’s
  5. Colt
  1. Stone Imperial Stout
  2. Chimay Bleu
  3. Anchor Old Foghorn
  4. Hair of the Dog Adam
  5. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

According to my account on RateBeer.com, I’ve tried 443 beers, though I’ve forgotten to rate at least 50.

As far as everyday stuff I’d buy at the store, we’ll go with Bass, Cottonwood Endo IPA, Newcastle, and Yuengling. My fridge currently holds a six of Sam Adams Summer Ale and a bomber of Great Divide Old Ruffian Barleywine.

When I first moved to DC, I went on a two year beer tasting. I learned all about hops and different brewing methods. I tasted every beer imaginable and spent a fortune doing it. Having done all that, at the end of the day I pick up a good, cold bottle of Miller Lite.

  1. Sammy Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale
  2. Belgian Trappiste Ales
  3. Left Hand Brewing Co. Milk Stout
  4. Leinenkuega’ls Northwoods Lager

I agree Pres, can’t go wrong with a Miller Lite.

survivor45: The Schlitz Ice is a tongue-in-cheek remark. We used to have a saying at Penn State that went “… but does it make you appreciate Schlitz Ice?” when someone described something foul.

Yuengling was the standard drinking fare for us. I consumed so much as a underclassmen there I nearly ruined my liver. I tend to avoid it these days. Good stuff though, I’m glad they decided to go national.

Right now I’m enjoying mostly a variety of Belgian Ales. We’re blessed in the university area to have the Saucer and the Wine Vault. Always good to go to the saucer and go retro High School and have some Genesee Cream Ale.

I love Yuengling as well. Got hooked when everybody had it on special as a promo. Crackhouse is always good, Carolina Blonde and Bud Select Amber ain’t bad. Chase it with a Jager baby!

You guys are a bunch of girly boys…

Even though it’s not quite beer…Ice…cold…Magnum. Used to be 79 cents for a 40. As long as you drink it before it gets warm…good to go.

I had been thinking of making this thread myself. :smile:

Going to the UK is a good experience for a rookie beer connoissuer.
[B][SIZE=4]1.[/SIZE] [/B]Guinness Draught. I love Guinness. I mean I really love Guinness. Many people say it is too heavy to drink many of or that they don’t like to get drunk off Guinness. I could drink Guinness til the cows came home. The first day I was in England at the age of 16, during the last World Cup actually, I had my first Guinness in a London pub and it has been true love ever sense. Few things in life can bring you such happyness and satisfaction with little or no draw backs. Good friends, a good car, and a good beer. Some might say a good woman, but I’d say to them they probably have never had a woman.
2.[/B] Guinness Draught. Obviously, no other beer comes close. The second time I went to the UK I made it to the Guinness factory in Dublin with my brother. I got to see how my favorite beverage was made and the glorious history behind it. I got to go up to the glass bar at the top and drink a Guinness with a 360 degree view of all of Dublin. It was amazing to say the least.
3. [/B]Newcastle Brown Ale. Yet another success story for beer coming out of the British Isles. This is what I have been drinking on during much of the World Cup this year. On my second trip to the UK, my brother and I went to Newcastle and toured the actual castle on the label. If you look at the label, I drank a Newcastle in a pub near the left side of the bridge.

[B]4. [/B]John Smith’s Extra Smooth Draught. Just a damn good beer all around. Wish they had this at more places over here.

[B]5.[/B] Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal or Imperial Stout. This is a beer that I had only once in a pub in Liverpool. It was very similar to Guinness but almost better. I didn’t think they had it over here but I learned that they did so I plan on getting some as soon as possible. I’m not even sure if what I had was the Oatmeal or Imperial but I just know it was really good.

[B]6. [/B]Corona Extra. It tastes good, its affordable, and its not heavy at all.

Least favorite in no order because they don’t deserve that much thought:
Busch Ice
Natty Lite
Ice House
I’m sure there’s more…

Highland Gaelic Ale. It’s a beer out of Asheville. It’s great.

Highland Gaelic Ale. It's a beer out of Asheville. It's great.

Im a Scotsman. This sounds like something I should try.

  1. Murphy’s Red
  2. Smithwick’s
  3. Sam Adams
  4. Miller High Life
  5. Coors Lite

#4 is surprisingly flavorful for such a cheap beer. I tried it and love it.
#5 is just like water. Remember, there are different beers for different occasions, and if you’re going to sit down and pound 20 or so, Coors Lite is the way to go. If you’re just looking for a good tasting beer to sip, this isn’t your choice.

Flying Dog Ale’s Old Scratch (out of Colorado I believe). It does not get any better!:drool:

  1. Samuel Adams (ale & lager)
  2. Fat Tire Amber
  3. Bass
  4. Siera Nevada Pale Ale
  5. FREE Beer

Anyone try to make “home brew”? Twas a nasty experience for me!