Favre or Brady

Who would you start this week?

Favre usually performs really well against the Bears and it doesn’t hurt that the Bears rank 25th against the pass. But with that said, New Englad just flat out loves to throw the ball, even with the addition of Dillon. I do think that they’ll attempt to run the ball more this weekend but until Brady proves he’s not going to throw for at least 250/2 TD’s a game, I’m not sure you can go against him.

From a line perspective, I do like Arizona to cover the spread this weekend so don’t expect N.E. to blow out the Cards.

Go with Brady but I think both QB’s will perform well this weekend but there’s really less need for Favre to perform when they have Green in the backfield.

I’m with JCL. Start Brady. Zona sucks and he’ll put up good numbers.

You should definately specify which league you are wanting advice on (as I’ll be damned if I give any specific advice for the NNFFL league)…

That said, you should start Brady 90% of the time over Farve. For the simple reason that NE’s offense is based on the success of the pass. And GB over time, has become a rushing team. Farve would get a start over Brady during NE’s bye week, and if Farve is up against a cupcake secondary (combined with a good DLine), and Bradey is up against a team with awsome CBs.

At least thats what I’ld do.