Fifth Chancellor Search

Mcrory would add a toll to Craver road

clt asks about Obama, has he responded yet?

Maybe the revenue from the toll would decrease the number of parking tickets.

Interesting to read faculty’s perspective on the next chancellor’s qualities and priorities.

  1. Chancellor Search Feedback Opportunity. Dean Nancy Gutierrez started the conversation.
    Gutierrez stated that she was a member of the Chancellor Search Committee as was Faculty
    President Joel Avrin. There is a website for the search. If you go to https://49er-chancellor- and click on “Search Process” it shows the structure to the search. Listening
    sessions have already started. She introduced several members of the search committee here
    today: Krista Manns, Chandler Crean, Theresa Drew, Gene Johnson, and Jennifer Troyer. Three
    members of executive search firm Storbeck/Pimental Associates also were present to receive the
    Council’s feedback: Tom Fitch, Jim Sirianni, and Will Anyu. Brenda Shue in the Chancellor’s Office
    was also present. Fitch said their search firm only handles higher education and have conducted
    searches for UNC Charlotte before. Their goal is to search nationwide for the largest pool of highly
    qualified candidates we can get. There is an email that will be on all advertising of this search. You
    are welcome to email us nominations. We work with Mike Wilson and the Board of Trustees to
    make sure things happen when they are supposed to happen. Sirianni said there are three
    important questions that can help the search. Question #1 – In your mind what is most attractive of
    the university at this point in time? Question #2 – What do you perceive to be the opportunities
    and challenges for the next chancellor? Question #3 – What do you identify as the most
    important/essential qualities for a chancellor? Sirianni then solicited the following feedback from
    the Faculty Council:
    • Collegial, friendly place
    • Beautiful campus and buildings
    • Relatively young university
    • Located in major growth city, financial hub
    • Diversity of student body
    • Need more support of graduate students
    • Commitment to the mission of the university
    Peer Institutions?
    • UW Milwaukee
    • Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
    • Georgia Tech
    Vexing Challenges?
    • Navigating the economic climate, being creative with our resources
    • Navigating the political climate of the state to advocate best for our university
    • Translate the diversity mission, faculty and administration fully reflective of student body
    we serve
    • Communicative skills between faculty and students
    • Pursue the R1 distinction (research goal to be a R1, need to think about faculty workload)
    o Without forgetting undergraduate education and the 4-year degree that many are
    seeking while aiming for R1 research distinction
    What is the next chancellor working on right now/where is the next chancellor at right now?
    • At a university
    • Background in higher education
    • Importance of development and fundraising, even small scale development in higher
    • Experience in bridging university to wider community
    • Intellectual and moral integrity
    • Strong advocate for faculty and staff resources
    • Being able to advocate on behalf of higher education, the contributions that higher
    education makes, advocating on behalf of all disciplines, including the arts and humanities
    • More advertising or presence of the university in the community
    • The community wants the reputation of a research university
    • Worried that candidate will not want the job until they know who the President of the UNC
    System will be
    Sirianni said there are plenty of people who want this challenge regardless of the ongoing president
    search. Gutierrez said more listening sessions are upcoming. Please use the “Share Your Thoughts”
    link on the chancellor search website.

No mention of name change or medical school. :cry: There was mention of “navigating political climate of state to advocate for best of the university”.

The fact that they cited UW Milwaukee as a peer institution is worrisome. VCU and GT, are aspirational peers, as are Cincy, Houston, and Louisville.

Also, not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I wonder if the medical school and name change were somewhat intentionally left out of the conversation.


Gutierrez being a part of this process is absolutely terrifying.

I encourage everyone to go to one and make your voice heard.

Leadership profile (what they’re looking for in new chancellor) based on listening sessions and survey responses.

def filling out an application

that’s exactly what i said. charlotte is a much bigger city than milwaukee and they don’t have a football school. our city is growing much faster and we are a warm weather school. i agree about wanting to be peer schools with cincy, houston or ul but hpefully with better academics.

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The Staff representative has solicited questions to be asked of the three chancellor candidates. If you have any questions you would like relayed, please reply to this thread.

What steps will you take as Chancellor to assert the University’s place in the Charlotte community and in North Carolina? Would a name change to the University of Charlotte be included in that?

We often see graduate professional schools as a means to keep high performing alumni, increase future giving, and enhance an institution’s reputation. What, if any, would you consider promising possibilities for the university in that area?

Many institutions today are recognized instantly for their sports programs (both because of the exposure from high performing programs and the opportunities they afford students). Given the importance of the sports program in student and alumni engagement, as well as in recruiting student applicants, do you have any thoughts on how the university can best position itself to take advantage of college athletics moving forward?

The university has increased efforts in recent years to market itself as Charlotte’s university. Do you have any thoughts on continuing that strategy, both in how important/unimportant that strategy is and in how that strategy might be improved upon?

There is a large call among alumni and students for dropping the “University of North Carolina” from the official name of the institution in the hopes of reducing confusion, better branding the university as a separate institution, and preventing accolades and other matters from being attributed to the generic “UNC” when they rightfully should be attributed to our institution (the athletic program made this change several years ago for these very reasons). How open would you be to changing the name of the institution to University of Charlotte or a similar name to differentiate the campus as other schools in the system have done (Appalachian State, NC State, etc.)?

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clt would like to know the preferred brick of the new chancellor.

With the news of Wake Forest planning a med school in Charlotte…I would like to know what their vision or long term plan for the University is in regards to this topic.

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  1. Our current endowment market value growth stands at 5.86% increase, and at $230 mil overall. Couple this with an ever-competitive, and decreasing reliance on state funding, how will you present the university to the public, and potential donors, funding sources to not only increase our endowment, but to bring greater emphasis and attention to the value of the university as an economic engine?

  2. With the understanding that what you want may not be entirely the end result, we need someone to be assertive about the future of this university, and after years of waffling on the future of a potential medical school, can you make a definitive statement on future professional schools and graduate programs for the university? Do you want to see a medical school at the university?

  3. How do you foresee the use of university land that has yet to be developed for the university? Do you agree that the University City area needs to become more pedestrian oriented, and that the university should play a prominent, if not take charge role in the future of the neighborhood?