Fifth Chancellor Search

There’s a survey here regarding the new chancellor search. Would be worthwhile to provide input early.


Name change and Medical School. Rinse, wash, repeat.

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Near the bottom in per pupil funding in UNC System. Our Yes Man wasn’t getting it done.


Any prospective chancellor should take care to put the needs of UNC Charlotte (the future University of Charlotte) over the other schools of the UNC System in general and the interests of UNC Chapel Hill specifically.

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Done! Thanks for sharing that!

Submitted… Thanks for posting the link!


If you’re confused, go here:

If you’re stating the fact that this is only one small step in getting what we need, I agree, but we should all complete the survey.


A lot of small voices singing the same tune turns into a loud choir

Meaning, I filled out the survey. Hopefully others will as well.

The funniest thing about that…the question mark is nowhere near the intended exclamation point on the keyboard.

I want to edit it so I don’t look like an idiot…but it’s too funny. So I think I’ll leave it.



Or is done€

Listening Sessions

The Chancellor Search Committee, chaired by trustee Mike Wilson ’93, will hold a number of listening sessions with University stakeholders to learn:

  • What are the key issues, challenges or opportunities facing UNC Charlotte?
  • What kinds of experiences, skills and attributes should the next chancellor have?
  • What do you think should be the top priority of UNC Charlotte’s next chancellor?

Details on the listening sessions are as follows:

Alumni and Community Session
Noon, Tuesday, Oct. 22
UNC Charlotte Center City, Room 601

Students, Faculty and Staff Session
4 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 22
Cone University Center, Lucas Room

Faculty and Staff Session
9 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 24
Barnhardt Student Activity Center Salons
This session is part of the annual Legal Symposium and requires an RSVP to Symposium Registration 2019

Students, Faculty and Staff Session
Noon, Tuesday, Oct. 29
Cone University Center, McKnight Hall

All Stakeholders Session
(Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Charlotte Community Members)
5:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 29
Cone University Center, McKnight Hall

tl;dr new chancellor by April or May 2020

3 Chancellor Search Process. Mike Wilson, Chair of the Board of Trustees started by saying he will
share his background and then the chancellor search process. He wants us to know how we can
help get UNC Charlotte the best two candidates possible. He said Phil Dubois has given a great gift
to all of us by serving out the year. I do not have to search for an interim Chancellor and then a
Chancellor. We have to do this right. If done right, by April or May we will be done and have a new

I grew up in Burke County and was a first generation college student. This school made it happen
for me. My mentors were Loy Witherspoon and Bonnie Cone. I went to law school at Chapel Hill
and came back here. I have served on the Board of Trustees for eight years now.

We are well into the search process. The next phase is to develop a leadership statement that we
use as a job description to send out to the market place. To form that document we will meet with
the stakeholders, faculty, staff, students, etc. Please come to the forums. If you cannot make it to a
forum, then send me an email. A portal is also setup to capture feedback. The search committee
will review all of this to ensure it is captured in the leadership statement. This will go out before the
holidays and then applications will come in. The search firms think we will have a robust applicant
pool. During the fifteen years Phil Dubois has been chancellor, there has been sixty-four chancellor
turnovers in the system. There is an ebb and flow in this process. The Board of Governors changed
the process from three final names to two final names that we believe are the right fit. We provide
the final two names to President Roper who then takes it to the Board of Governors. We will go to the Colleges. Those in the process will need to sign confidentiality agreements. We will be
successful. We have always had the right leader at the right time. Do you have questions?

Q: (Souffrant) Two finalists will be presented. How many are interviewed?
A: (Wilson) Two is the minimum, which is what we will do. Best practice is you try to cull it down to
four or five and then receive input to get to final two.

Q: (Vrikkis) Will forums be offered at various times?
A: (Wilson) Yes, day and evening. In addition, these dates and times will be published.

Wilson said he has a challenge for us all. That admissions number, those number of students, we
can win that. We can make sure this state trusts us to educate their kids in a safe manner and in a
positive place. We are going to win it one tour at a time, and one application at a time. What I am
asking you to do is one time this year, if you see students visiting or you see those Niner tour guides
leading those kids, just stop and thank them for coming to the university. Ask them how their day is.
Tell them who you are and what department you are in. That is it. That is all I am asking you to do.
We have an amazing admissions center. Interacting with potential students will make a big
difference. Let us win this one application at a time.

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clt assumes they will want college grads?

I attended a listening session last week and was very happy with how it went.

There were only 4 of us there. 3 were alums. The search firm had 3 folks there, the chair of the BoT was there, a rep from the UNC System and some faculty folks.

I went hard on the name change issue and that the next Chancellor has to be able to hold his own and relate to more than just the academic community. I stressed that the University is no longer an undergrad institution - we do that and research and public schooling with the new schools going into campus as well as corporate training and hosting conferences and the new guy has to lead all that while being able to excite donors, speak with CEOs and lead a school with major athletic dreams.

I also said it was a very poor reflection of Phil that the Amazon pitch went without our involvement and the next guy cant let that stuff happen.

Chris Moxley from 704 shop was there and he stressed social upward mobility and scholarship programs and the other alum discussed leadership with the medical school an example of what failed leadership looks like.

Maybe we can get that cool, rad, hip ezu guy that is now looking for a job.

Wilson added that the search committee is deviating from the standard of only searching within academia. “Now they’re looking for people from academia, business, government and military,” he said.

Chancellor McCrory :smirk:

At the session I went to we spent a fair amount of time around discussing a nonacademic. It makes total sense for an institution like ours.