Final Coaches Poll: How did each coach vote

This chart shows how each coach voted in the final poll. Looks like Texas got screwed by a number of coaches voting them 5th.

Looks like several had an agenda:

Amazed that beamer put his own team so low, but that is very fair of him.

Also, surprised the coach of Utah didn’t rank himself #1.

This is cool, I guess the coaches knew this would be public info. I wouldn’t have been suprised to see Mack Brown rank OU 25 just for spite.

obama will fix

[QUOTE=metro;368479]obama will fix[/QUOTE]

At least somebody with the title of President sees that there is a problem and wants to fix it. The rest of the Presidents (University, Conference, NCAA, Bowl Committee, etc.) act like nothing is wrong.

Utah, Boise St., Texas, Alabama, So Cal, & Penn St., should sue. That will end the BS, oops, I mean BCS.

obama will fix
I hope so.

Mack Brown should have voted texas number one, and mike Leach is a douche

[QUOTE=shagg49er;368593]Mack Brown should have voted texas number one, and [B]mike Leach is a douche[/B][/QUOTE]
How so? I see no problem with how he ranked the teams. OU beat his team, so they are #1. His team be Texas, so he would obviously put TT above UT. #3-#5 could have gone any way. His voting cost UT two points. It doesnt make a difference in UT’s ranking.

The Bottom Line: Coaches’ votes, sportwriters’ votes, fans’ votes, and even a computer’s votes should NOT be a factor in deciding who plays in the National Championship Game. Period.