Final Coach’s poll

So, who were the two guys that voted for us?

Billy and Mark Packer! :lmao: :grin: :lmao: :grin: :lmao: :grin:

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So, who were the two guys that voted for us? [/b]

Most likely from Biedenbach, McKillop, or Huggins.

Hey, we beat out Memphis: Charlotte (21-8) 2; Memphis (22-16) 1.

[i]Originally posted by 49RFootballNow[/i]@Apr 5 2005, 04:29 PM [b] Billy and Mark Packer! :lmao: :grin: :lmao: :grin: :lmao: :grin: [/b]
Probably not since neither one of them are coaches.

At least we got 1 more vote than Memphis though. :frowning:

[i]Originally posted by 49RFootballNow[/i]@Apr 5 2005, 04:29 PM [b] Billy and Mark Packer! :lmao: :grin: :lmao: :grin: :lmao: :grin: [/b]
[img][/img] It says coaches poll.
[b]The USA TODAY/ESPN Board of Coaches is made up of 31 Division I head coaches. All are members of the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The 2004-05 board: Dana Altman, Creighton; Tevester Anderson, Jackson State; Eddie Biedenbach, North Carolina-Asheville; Jim Boeheim, Syracuse; Charles Coles, Miami (Ohio); Barry Collier, Nebraska; Dick Davey; Santa Clara; Fran Dunphy, Pennsylvania; Mick Durham, Montana State; Rob Evans, Arizona State; Steve Fisher, San Diego State; Pat Flannery, Bucknell; Greg Graham, Boise State; Tom Green, Fairleigh Dickinson; David Henderson, Delaware; Bob Huggins, Cincinnati; Johnny Jones, North Texas; Gene Keady, Purdue; Eddie McCarter, Texas-Arlington; Bob McKillop, Davidson; Phil Martelli, Saint Joseph's; Joe Mihalich, Niagara; Ron "Fang" Mitchell, Coppin State; Dave Odom, South Carolina; Rick Samuels, Eastern Illinois; Kirk Speraw, Central Florida; Bob Thomason, Pacific; Perry Watson, Detroit Mercy; Gary Williams, Maryland; Dennis Wolff, Boston University; Rich Zvosec, Missouri-Kansas City.[/b]
Likely 2 of the 3 of these: Chisox' pal Eddie Biedenbach, Bob Huggins and Bob McKillop. None of the other coaches saw the 49ers.

Who ever voted for us should lose their spot next year.

I’m thinking that maybe Phil Martelli might have tuned into a game or two of ours this season to get a jump on 05-06.

I kept thinking that I had read a quote from Martelli about the Niners and I had. Found it at the USA Today website:

[b]QUOTE TO NOTE: "He's been through the wars and lined up against the Caliparis and Pitinos and Bobby Huggins. ... He knows how to handle himself. I think people in this league know who can coach, and they'll enjoy Bobby Lutz's team." — Saint Joseph's coach Phil Martelli, on Charlotte and coach Bobby Lutz taking the 49ers to the Atlantic 10 in 2005-06.[/b]
Link: [url=]Charlotte - Notes, Quotes[/url]
[b]Billy and Mark Packer![/b]

You mean to tell me that these 2 great sporting minds haven’t been offered a position yet? A traveshamocracy! :flame:

There, proof we’re better than Memphis :toast: