Final Smack

Every year I plan on attacking you guys with friendly picture about your program. Unfortunately I never get around to doing as much as I plan. So now that we are going our separate ways, this thread will be my museum for pics I used in the past, and ones that I never got a chance to use.


PS. Experience is enhanced if you play “through the years” by Kenny rogers in the background.


Brendan Plavich

More to come, i’m just tired.

you did see the game, didn’t you?

MK on prom night

J/K you’re a good sport.

[i]Originally posted by bearcatb[/i]@Feb 6 2005, 11:52 AM [b] [img][/img] [/b]
hahahahaha :smirk:

If you knew you’re facts then you would know that our team is not listed under UNCC… Our athletics name is “Charlotte” and our academics part of the school goes by unc charlotte so that we will still draw money from the state. On ESPN are we listed as UNCC or Charlotte. Dude you’re dumb… By the way I dont believe that our coach said that he recruites “THUGS”…

Actually, he took that picture from Charlotte archives over at CUSA-Talk, back when we were clammoring for a name change.

bearcatb has been providing photoshopped pictures for Charlotte for a number of years. He’s had some really classic ones.

I’m going to miss the annual smack fest boys, we’ll always have memphis, though. If ever there was a group of fans more enjoyable to taunt, I’ve not seen them.

We’ll meet again one day, good luck in the Big Eazy.

I was referring to the google search he did on uncc and unc came up

So was I, he got that from UNC Charlotte fans. One of our fans posted that on our messageboard a couple of years ago.

Funniest part is we don’t need doctored pictures to see the humor in your program, you generate plenty of your own negative press. (Huggins, Whaley.) I don’t believe charlotte holds the reputation as a thug school, I think that you and memphis are battling for the crown. Don’t believe me? search SI and “least rootable teams” while your screwin’ around on google.

still… a few more.

This seems to be the popular hairstyle down there LOL!!!

Thank you and good luck the rest of the season and beyond.

I’m out.

Sorry, just a couple more

How could I forget the cheerleaders

PS. Powerbait

We have to go get Memphis at least once this year.