Finger to Transfer

This one surprised me - Ishod Finger to enter transfer protocol… Seems odd with Benny leaving.

surprises me too. I wonder if the culture Healy is building attracts a certain kind of “personality”? ClubLit might not suit everybody.

Was not on scholarship, and was likely expecting the be the second back behind McAllister before Harbison decided to transfer in. Oh well. I liked him a lot, but we’ll be alright.

My guess as well. He saw himself being third on the depth chart again and thought he’d see if he could go somewhere and get a schollie. Selfishly, I’d love to see him end up at William & Mary. He could do extremely well there, I think.

Yeah. Seems to be a good kid, hard worker, and expected a schollie and realized it wasn’t coming. Good luck to him in his endeavors at his future school. (Unless somehow his future school plays us. Unlikely, though.)

Not surprised, more than likely would be third on the depth chart. Best luck to the young man, solid player.

He may not have even been third on depth chart with a couple of RS we had this year, plus Smalls has talent if he can put everything together.

who redshirted at RB besides small.

Jamel Brown