First Quarter Review

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I’ve been thinking about our recruiting this season. I know we got the one kid from Oklahoma, but is there anybody else that’s leaning towards signing with us at this time?

I have no idea about who is leaning towards us, but I’m working on a piece that will cover all known commitments for the 2019 class right now.

clt hopes we continue the positive momentum for our new staff,

The Bly kid from Myers Park and the punter from Porter Ridge have committed.

We need both o-line and d-line depth. I think that is one area that we are very short.

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A few things that I have noticed so far this year…

  1. The lack of holes for the backs run through. I expected the OL to be a strength this year and that just has not been the case. I hope when Davis comes back that will change. Has he been allowed to practice at all?
  2. I thought Barkley would have more of an impact on the DL. Maybe the injuries have kept him from progressing. Horne seems to be the budding star on the DL.
  3. Outside of Deluca our secondary has a lot of room for improvement.

Not sure about the App game but against ODU…Barkley was very effective…on the 2-3 series they let him play. Not sure why he didn’t see the field much but he was very good when he was out there.

Right now they seem to be using him as a depth guy to give other guys a breather. I was expecting him to be on par with Horne.