FIU at Charlotte 10/17 8;00 ESPNU

We open -6 1/2

Charlotte is 0-5 verse FIU it is time to crack that goose egg.


I’m firing a tailgate bonfire for the game at my place in Belmont let me know if you are interested.

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They let MTSU beat them and they’ve looked like hot garbage so far this year.

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Have bad enough of this AD and their shitty ticket website that crashes if more than 50 people are on it

New system is coming. They were locked in a contract. They are in the processing of changing over all the systems. 49er Clubs, tickets, etc.


This is first home game so I wonder what color unis we will pull out this week

Gonna go out on a limb and say the jerseys will be green. Just a theory.

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Since this is an 8PM night game why not wear white uniforms that are easier to see?

I would love to see green unis coupled with the new gold helmets.

This may be it.

There’s a gold alternate outfit also out there according to the new brand intro video from the Summer, but I think for the belated home opener you pretty much have to do the green jersey.

I really hope they take the 1st home game opportunity to debut the new gold helmets.


Me too…plus, it’s our last ESPN U game (for now). A lot of eyes will be on that game due to the 8pm kickoff too.


Guys you may not want to hold your breath on the gold Jersey. i liked it too, but if gold numbers on white jerseys was a problem, I’d have to assume white numbers on gold jerseys will be too.

Green jersey and gold helmets FTW


Then slap some green #'s on them like we did the white unis.

clt is hearing gold jerseys with gold numbers.


The gold numbers on gold jerseys have to be trimmed in black though.

with gold helmets and gold pants. All chrome.