FIU Tourney Game 3-12-20 7:30 Tip

Rubber match vs the Panthers.

Must bring our A game from here on. Let’s do this. Go NINERS!!

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FIU leads series 5-4 after their win in Halton on Senior Day. Payback time!

FIU vs Rice recap etc:

Nice to be participating in March Madness again!! Let’s stick around awhile. Or at least as long as the Corona virus allows us to. Go Niners!!

A huge opportunity to take the program to the next level. This and each game afterwards are steps to returning to the competitive and relevant program we once were and deserve to be again. I have a dream!

Great game,

Who knew Rissetto could shoot threes? Bamba with 11 assists and young with 15 rebounds.

This game will go down as an all time great. Shame if you didn’t see it.

FIU never had a chance.

Rumor is that both FAU and UNT are Going to try throwing their game so they won’t have to face us tomorrow.


clt just signed up for the facebook. lewt’s go!

Glad we didn’t Pull a Niner. Or did we?

Time to hang the 2020 Final Four banner!!