FLT 1549 In the Hudson River

[font=arial]a computer generated reproduction of the flight generated from the data recovered from the black boxes…[/font]


Very cool

clt is confused by “ftl 109”?

It was Flt 1549 WOW!

Went back and changed it for you 49er2. Did not realize a quick topic typo on a Sat. night after a couple of beers and a bad Niner loss would upset you so badly. This was such a huge, huge event that changed so many lives that I am a little bit ashamed I actually did not automatically put the number in correctly under any circumstance. I feel bad for anyone I disrespected that lost their life on that unforgetable day but I also did not want to disrespect the merits of Pan Am Flight 6 so I was walking a thin line as you can clearly tell. My bad.

crazy. pretty badass imo.