Football: Liberty vs VaTech

If you didn’t catch the crazy ending to the LU vs VaTech, watch the last 2 mins - incredible. VT called a last min TO on a LU 59 yard FG attempt that negated a block and runback for TD. LU gets a little closer and hits FG. ACCN chyron reported VaTech won. So comical.

LU has a good squad - order of magnitude better than Charlotte. Incredible.

The wave of emotions was visible. Crazy.

Good game.

The last 1:30 of that game was as crazy as you’ll ever see, so many head scratching decisions from both coaches. You could even back it up to where Liberty scored the TD when they should have stopped short, kicked the FG and won the game. Then VT gets the break on a face mask call that I think was really called on them. Insane.

The better team won though in the end.

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Man that would have been nuts with a full stadium

To the victors go the spoils.

his extension would place Freeze among the top 5 highest paid non-Power Five head coaches in college football, which would be around $3 million per year in salary.