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Looking at purchasing different seating options for next year. Have a new Niner on the way so just debating if I should purchase more than two seat license. Anyone know the cut off age for ticket requirement?


Children/Infant Admission Policy

Everyone two (2) years of age and older must have a valid ticket to gain entry to Jerry Richardson Stadium. Admission for youth under the age of two is free of charge. Children under the age of two who are admitted free must sit on their parent’s lap.

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Thanks @tasheets. Trying to plan for long term


FWIW…in basketball…I carried my daughter in with me until she was probably 6 or so and no one ever said a word. Probably couldn’t get away with that in the 90’s when we were packing it up for Cincy, Memphis, Louisville, et all. But they didn’t seem to enforce that rule very strictly in the past in my experience.

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clt recommends carrying in any guest, regardless of age

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Am I right in the fact that new law as of last year, you cannot write off contribution to FSLs in taxes? The initial 1,000 or 2,500 license fee can’t be deducted but anything additionally given (aside from minimal donation to reserve current seat) can be?


IANAL, but page 3 at the bottom has the Foundation’s advice


Anyone have any tips for renewing your football season tickets online? I’m finding the Ticket Return site rather difficult to navigate.


You can email or call 704-687-4949 and they’ll take care of you.


When can we purchase season parking?


April 8th. Figured out my own answer

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Yep. Make sure your annual Athletic Foundation (49er Club) dues are paid for the fiscal year first. April 5 is deadline for those.


I know the first few rows can be difficult to see everything around the field but does anyone have an opinion or season seats fairly low that you wouldn’t recommend going lower than?


Row 7 128 is fine, can see the whole field. Don’t know about being closer. (Pic is from 8 rows up at Spring Game)

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clt says bring back then tents!

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