For the love of god and niner nation, please stop the goldbrick reference! now!


Does anyone know how I can mute any posts or shouts that include complaints containing “goldbrick”? Thanks.


I’d like to mute posts complaining about people complaining about goldbricks if you figure that out.




I was assuming shitting gold bricks was a sign of great luck and wanted by all.


Are we really worried about a term coined in the 1850s? I’m just glad we have decent graphics for recruits now.


Why are we raining on our own parade?

We complained about graphics and stuff forever and now we get it and find another problem.

This is way nit picky.

Edit: #GoldBrickAs20ciation


clt worries that this issue will be so divisive, it will break the chat page into two camps.

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I do feel the need to say, while technically y’all are correct, 90% of the population doesn’t know that, AND you are actively hurting our coaches putting that crap on social media. If it hurts your feelings that much, please send them an email where they can actually have a dialogue with you instead of blasting this dysfunction for the entire world, including recruits and parents to witness.

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