Foul Out??

Just a thought, but with the impact this game will have on us, I feel that we (as fans) owe it to everyone to finally come up with something to say when a player from the opposing team fouls out. At the Houston game they had a player foul out and there was like a little bit of noise but basically everyone just stood around looking at each other not knowing what to say…so with that out of the way, does anyone have any ideas on what to say???

Band guys? TF, what do you guys chant at the women’s games? You guys get pretty loud for them. It’s pretty fun to hear you guys.

From over in GG, I think the band guys are saying “left, right, left, right”, etc. in step with the player while they walk to the bench.

Greetings, I am in the band and have been reading this board for some time now. What the band does when a player fouls out is start hollaring “left, right, left, right” as they walk over to the bench like was said earlier. We all then yell “PEACE!!!” when that player takes his seat. I don’t think the players care, but i know we get a kick out of doing it.