Found these bookmarks

in an old cookbook. If you don’t remember a time before VCRs you probably shouldn’t even ask. :roll_eyes:

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A little before my time but I’m guessing those are punch cards?

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Ever drop a stack and try to put them back in order? I remember the big old Burroughs computer that was the only one on campus. It took up a large room in Smith Bldg.

Yes they are. One line of code per card. Back then you estimated programs in KLOCs (thousand lines of code). Today it would probably be more like million lines of code, but we don’t do it that way. You would need a tractor trailer to carry the code for MS Word on punch cards.

My coding skills were such that in order, or out of order, it probably didn’t matter.

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I can identify! But wrote a thesis and a dissertation with the help of one!