Freddie Dilione - 2023 CG - committed to Tennessee

That’s the kind of kid we need to get to elevate the program back to where it belongs.

College of Charleston?? Yeah, rignt

FWIW, recently hired CofC assistant Thomas Carr was AD at Word of God and also director of Team Loaded NC.

We might as well recruit from intermurals.

From what I’ve read, that top 10 list is pretty flexible. Doesn’t include UConn, even though he’s scheduled for a visit there next weekend. Plus he’s hoping for offers from UK and the Heels, as well as mentioning FSU and Michigan for possible visits.

Is that like intramurals?


Very similar !

We have to do better than 17-12 with no postseason berth to land a player like this.

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FWIW, his recent top 10 list hasn’t deterred additional suitors or his receptiveness to such overtures:

I guess he’s essentially saying Coach Sanchez wouldnt! !?