Free Youth Football Clinic with Coach Lambert

[font=calibri]Attention Charlotte 49ers FSL Owners[/font] [font=calibri]–[/font][font=calibri] A[/font] [font=calibri]free youth football clinic[/font] [font=calibri]with Charlotte 49ers head coach Brad Lambert is scheduled for[/font] [font=calibri]Saturday, July 23. [/font] [font=calibri]FSL owners have[/font] [font=calibri]the[/font] [font=calibri]first opportunity[/font] [font=calibri]to register before the clinic is opened to others. [/font] [font=calibri]Please register by July 7 to secure your spot.[/font][font=calibri] [/font] [font=calibri]More details are provided below.[/font][font=calibri] To register, please visit.[/font] [font=calibri][/font][font=calibri].[/font]

this is awesome. I am forwarding this thing around like crazy.

I’m not a youth. :-[

Then, are you a 'ute?

Something for the youts! ::slight_smile:

Are we allowed to watch, tailgate, & drink beer at the 07/23 event?

Got my sons signed up. They don’t play organized football but couldn’t pass this up. Looking forward to it.

Looks like they were playing at the new Northeast Recreational Field Complex (NRFC) on John Kirk Drive.

Yes, this story was on the front page of the o’s local section of the newspaper. Thanks. (Sincere w/no sarcasm, honest.)

The lady who wrote the story is an intern from LSU. David Scott is on vacation. Nice story and photos. Some odd quote selections, though and we don’t have any players.

Here’s some video. My sons in action in tackling dummy drill…

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[size=3][font=calibri]Little guy[/font][/size]

Grandma says Coach Lambert has “pretty legs.”