Friday Night Lights and The Forgotten

What do you all think about either of these movies…

I caught Friday Night Lights this past weekend at a matinee show.

I (and the other 5 people in there…gotta love matinees) enjoyed it. Had bits and pieces of your typical, cliche, feel-good football movie but had some originality as well. It’s hard for me to offer up an accurate opinion without spoiling it for you (assuming you haven’t seen it) but it’s worth seeing if you’re a sports fan. And it’s even more worth seeing if you come from a town where there was an emphasis on high school football. Although, it’s tough to relate to the magnitude of the games played in this movie (championship played in a packed Astrodome).

The acting was great. Thought Billy Bob was a natural for the role, even though I had my doubts going into it. The guy playing Boobie was fantastic as well.

In my opinion, it’s one you can wait for on DVD unless you just want to get out of the house for a couple hours and lose yourself in a football movie. I didn’t come out feeling that I was glad I saw it but certainly didn’t regret spending a few bucks to see it.