Just a reminder to everyone about the Midnight Madness event at Halton Arena Friday evening, especially to those coming north of Charlotte, down I-85. The Busch race at the speedway will be completed shortly after 10:00pm. Take that into account in planning your travels to and around the campus.

Have a safe trip!

I’ll be at a concert that night @ Verizon Amphitheater, until probably 11:00. You think I’m screwed?

[i]Originally posted by C49er[/i]@Oct 11 2004, 11:11 AM [b] You think I'm screwed? [/b]
I'm not touching this one, everyone else please be polite. :lol:

Crap, and the cops will be out, so I’ll need to completely sober up!

Is Verizon what used to be Blockbuster Pavillion? If so, just walk. Two problems averted!

Race + Concert + 49ers B-ball…sitting in traffic at 1a.m. is FUN!!!

[i]Originally posted by ballboy[/i]@Oct 11 2004, 11:20 AM [b] Race + Concert + 49ers B-ball........sitting in traffic at 1a.m. is FUN!!!!! [/b]
I don't think I will be sitting in that kind of traffic so I can have a womens basketball scrimmage crammed down my throat. Anyone seen the order of events for MM?

What concert is going on?

[i]Originally posted by pcon[/i]@Oct 11 2004, 12:47 PM [b] What concert is going on? [/b]
Brooks & Dunn.

Combined with the race, I’m guessing the pickup truck to car ratio will be 10 to 1 on that side of town. :stuck_out_tongue: