Friends of Charlotte Golf

Good lord, we were 5-7 last season and you think no one plays worse football? Id say there were atleast 5 on our schedule playing "worse football " just last year. I give up.

Were you around in 15, 16, and 17?
We went 3-15 at home (2 wins against FCS) If you saw 18 worse college football games live in that timeframe, I feel bad for you.
For myself, no. I have never seen football as bad as those games at the Rich.

And back to the point, I m not blaming the golf team, but I feel like I’ve thrown a lot of bad money into this athletic department, that. I feel I should have to throw a non revenue sport that I don’t care about, 125.00 for a 20.00 hat I’d like to own.

I feel the same way about trying to get the baseball hat the team wears.

Our gear is WAC. We need to do better.

I agree totally. If our branding/merchandising weren’t awful, this type of booster club wouldn’t even be able to exist.

Don’t know how to fix it, but I think everyone involved knows.

I like how you have gone very specific now (certain years) versus the blanket statement you first made, but yes, I’ve been around for all of that.

My point, my criteria… and I still stand by it…and it’s really not close.


clt says our golf team qualified for match play again!

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And the women’s golf team in only their second season finished 2nd in the CUSA tournament. They had a great year and competed with some established programs in other tournaments. Most of the girls are either freshmen or sophomores. Congratulations to the women on a fantastic year!

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Women’s golf may not be done yet. They may get an at-large NCAA bid. Selection is at 5:30 PM today on Golf channel.

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You can follow Men’s Golf CUSA Tourney match play here:

Its early but currently up in 4 of 5 matches.

They are playing well so far, but I didn’t want to jinx them by posting, first. :slight_smile:

MT beats us 3-2.

Last 2 guys really messed up/blew it the last 2 holes to lose the match. Both lead or were AS all day until 17-18.

Too bad it wasn’t stroke play…our 2 won by 10 shots, their 3 won by a combined 4 shots

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Gough was 3 up at the turn and lost. That one really hurts.

Dont say it 919…we didnt pull a

Never :slight_smile:

clt heard today that some western NC colleges had to open up spots on the golf team to the student body, that would be embarassing,

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