Friends of Charlotte Golf

Lots have asked about the golfing norm hat

there you go!


clt asks to see this hat, please.

clt asks about the putter cover. It will cover a Cameron yes, but what about a mallet?

Not paying 125 bucks for a hat. I think that having to pay exorbitant amount for simple gear makes me think we are bush league a lot more than being attached to unc.

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clt says you are supporting the golf program, and getting a hat


I’ve given to Charlotte athletics for nearly 20 years. I bought 4 fsl’s the first day they were available. I drive 170 miles six saturdays a week to watch the worst football I’ve ever seen despite by myself because no one wants to come with me to see this train wreck. I’ve traveled with them
I deserve the right to buy a cool Charlotte hat at a reasonable price.

The worst football you’ve ever seen?

It’s been bad. Is that debatable?

Is there a picture of this hat? Does it have the cloth adjustable back strap?

Watching EMU kick off from the 25, watching Georgia State score a touchdown on a blocked field goal, watching Lambert blow the FIU game, A and T, pretty much everything about 2017 except the second half against UAB.

I stand by my statement.

Oh my.
Bad = worst ever, now?

So 2017 being bad, yes very bad = the entire program history being “the worst football you’ve ever seen”?

TinTins point is still well taken. I’m in the same boat with a Norm headcover. I’ve wanted one for sooooo long, but spending $750 on one is completely out of the question. I’d donate some money to get one, but not anywhere near there. I agree that being held hostage to get items people clearly want is totally bush league. First thing I thought when I saw this stuff.

You never know, some of these items may show up at the Gold Rush Auction.

clt needs to see the items before donating

It’d still be $125 for a hat plus the auction price :wink:

We are all painfully aware of the merchandising issues facing our Univeristy.

It’s not the Golf team’s fault.

We’ve all seen golf gear for various universities all over the state. I get the frustration.

He can’t just make a pop up shop for Niner golf gear. He doesn’t have to do this at all.

I totally agree and understand the sentiment, but this isn’t the forum to complain about it.

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What’s the forum to complain about it?

I mean I guess this is the forum. But make a different thread or something.

I mean, I love the niners and have 2 fsls, but please tell me worse football you’ve seen. Because I don’t know that I’ve seen it.